Antur Stiniog is a leading mountain biking destination in North Wales, famous for its difficult and diverse trails. The trails blend technical riding with breathtaking natural beauty, making it appealing to riders of all skill levels. The diverse trail network features various terrains, from rocky descents to steep climbs and flowing singletrack, providing riders with a range of challenges to improve their skills. The “Blondin” trail, a popular black-graded route, is a test for experienced riders, with technical features such as rocky descents, steep climbs, and tight switchbacks. In addition to its challenging trails, Antur Stiniog also offers bike rental, a cafe, and bike wash facilities, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors. With its combination of stunning natural beauty, challenging trails, and top-notch facilities, Antur Stiniog is a must-visit destination for any mountain biking enthusiast looking for an adventure in North Wales.

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