Climbing Snowdonia If you are an experienced climber already then we don’t doubt for a second that you have either already been here to Snowdonia or you will have certainly heard of it. Snowdonia offers world class climbing areas. You are more than likely going to see many people enjoying rock climbing in various locations throughout the exquisite mountain range. If you’re new to climbing, this is an amazing place to get started. Snowdonia has many different places that are suitable for rock climbing and will be able to facilitate climbers of all competency levels. You’ll find that the climbing community are a very friendly bunch and will be willing to help you find the best places and will advise you, if you need it. Further to that, there are of course local businesses that you can arrange an outing with if you have never been before. Climbing is becoming increasingly popular, in particularly since the Olympics now features rock climbing as a recognised sport. Come and have a go in one of the best places the world offers and see what the hype is all about.